January 3, 2011

More is better!

Today, I am going to make a delicious quiche.  But first I must make a run to Hy-Vee to get the following...

Black Forest Ham ( fresh sliced from deli)
Bacon (I buy Farmland or Black Label lean bacon)
Gruyere Cheese (super expensive, sold in the specialty cheese dept)
Swiss Cheese (similar to gruyere, less wonderful, but mixed with the hauty stuff is equally delish )
Yellow Onions (cheap & flavorfull)
Heavy Cream (another pricy item, but nothing else will do)
Mushrooms (typical button mushrooms are fine, but if you have a favorite, get it)
Orange Juice
Conditioner don't care about the rest of the list....
Okay-off to the store. Back in a bit. At which time I will attempt to upload photos of the quiche making process.  Say a prayer.

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