May 6, 2019

Beneath Resistance

Just as I discovered my reasons, my self evaded my mind.
So much longing for escape, but feeling caged within the cage.

The outline of my body like an empty vessel to fill.
Ideas and dreams, buried beneath fear that pours in like colored sand.

The loose creative bits are no longer accessible. 

Baubles of colorful thought that once played freely in my mind 

Now lie captive under layers of fear's heavy resistance. 
Break this vessel I say! Can you see me buried inside? 

Throw me with all your might to shatter this cage!
Set free the confined notions, whims, and intellect. 

Unearth my truth

November 8, 2018

I Will Not Be Broken

I will not be broken.

Say the ugliest of words to me and they will dissipate in my resilience.
Tell me I have no worth and I'll live each day with more meaning.
Chip away at my foundation and I will build a new one.
Diminish my purpose and I will plant my feet more firmly.
Question my resolve and I will show you my confidence.
Ridicule my joyful spirit and I will laugh louder.

August 7, 2017


Where have you gone?
There's a dull ache that lingers low...
It's gray and purple with hints of yellow
It reminds me of you

Do you feel it?  Under your heart?
I catch my breath but I'm not dreaming.
I see you... sailing away from this solid ground.

The treasures remain; vivid, in golden light.
The distance is greater.
The glow is fading

I remain here, swallowed in the gray
Seeking light and color
Through the cracks, the shards reflect bits of gold.

Briefly a radiant hue captures my affection
It's enough.
For now, I am content in the sea of indigo