April 2, 2020

Quieter, Softer, Simpler

I sat down at my desk this morning...the ‘Big Table’ from The 4th Street Cafe and started to write a list for the day.  My mind wandered to memories of the people that shared meals here back when this was the community table at my little bakery cafe in Manhattan, Kansas.
Total strangers became beautiful friends at this table. People gathered here to love on one another as they bellied up to this weathered piece of wood for food and conversation. 
Those lovely memories brought me back to now. Where are they? How are they doing? 
I started to think about our current state of affairs.  I know many are worried about finances and health but we will be okay. 

We. Will. Be. Okay.
I promise.

For the first time in maybe ever... our world is quieter, softer, simpler.
There’s a peace settling in. Do you feel it yet? Are you allowing it?
There are many people suffering as a result of this, yet, at the same time, our world has collectively come together like never before. 
They’ve shut down consumerism, religion, and capitalism. 
Technology that could divide us is bringing us closer. 
A worldwide illness that could kill us, is uniting us.

At first, I was absorbing the anxiety of everyone around me.
Now I’m feeling a sense of peace and calm.  What are you feeling?
I believe there will be a mourning when we return to the ‘noise’ we feared losing.

What lesson can we learn from this? 

Our leaders continue to call the Covid-19 pandemic a ‘war’. On the hour, we are handed free tickets to the 'fear factor' show with the intention of stimulating our anxiety and uncertainty.

The funny thing is, if we disconnect from the sensationalism and fear mongering, the orders we have been given are actually drawing us closer together. 
Our sensibilities and trust in what we know to be good and right will reveal the peace that lives within us and that will become the louder voice!
The peace that lives within us will become the louder voice! 

People have started to value what’s most important and recognizing what they can 
live without. 

We are learning that we are a creative, kind, powerful, and intuitive people.
and much better together than we are apart.

Turn off the noise. Turn off the talking heads. Tune in to your gifts... Your people, your creativity, your healthy body, the quiet... find the beauty in this moment.  

I love you. 

May 6, 2019

Beneath Resistance

Just as I discovered my reasons, my self evaded my mind.
So much longing for escape, but feeling caged within the cage.

The outline of my body like an empty vessel to fill.
Ideas and dreams, buried beneath fear that pours in like colored sand.

The loose creative bits are no longer accessible. 

Baubles of colorful thought that once played freely in my mind 

Now lie captive under layers of fear's heavy resistance. 
Break this vessel I say! Can you see me buried inside? 

Throw me with all your might to shatter this cage!
Set free the confined notions, whims, and intellect. 

Unearth my truth

November 8, 2018

I Will Not Be Broken

I will not be broken.

Say the ugliest of words to me and they will dissipate in my resilience.
Tell me I have no worth and I'll live each day with more meaning.
Chip away at my foundation and I will build a new one.
Diminish my purpose and I will plant my feet more firmly.
Question my resolve and I will show you my confidence.
Ridicule my joyful spirit and I will laugh louder.