January 4, 2014

Craft House Heaven!

What do you get when you gather 14 creative girls of all ages piled into the cutest house in Kansas?
Craft House Weekend!!
It really does pay to have super cool friends! Lucky for me, my friend Amber needed to fill her Craft House Roster with one more girl and it's me! YAY!!!
The Craft House is a special place in Newton, Kansas that was once the home to the Duerkson family.
Read all about right here...

It is so incredibly cool I could barely breathe when I walked in! It's the ultimate 'girl' house!
Adorable bunting banners grace the ceilings in nearly every room, positive messages are posted on every wall, and glitter...yes glitter is abundant in this home!
So, here I sit among this small crowd of lovely, creative, vibrant women...I'm blogging while others are scrap booking, sewing, photo editing, chatting, drinking wine (we're all doing that) and enjoying what might be the best weekend many of us have had in a while.  We left lots of kiddos back at our homes with husbands and grandmas...all to fend for themselves.
Don't get me wrong, we are very grateful but we have turned off our phones.

We are gathered in a room that is literally filled with tables that extend the length of the 32 foot living room!
14 of us were able to bring our laptops, sewing machines, scrap book paper, quilts, etc and fit comfortably!

I'm finding great joy as I listen to some of the stories being shared.  We are hard at work on our various creative endeavors but embrace one another as stories are shared.  I've been informed there will  be a late night run for fresh donuts at the local bakery here shortly.  Yum!!

As I sign off, I'll leave you with a glimpse of our little house party...
you're gonna be jealous and I'm guessing your next question will be "How can I do this?"...
Don't's the link to The Craft House




Kid Art...

Craft Room!

Good Vibes!

Higher Ground
My Sweet Room!

Crafting the night away!