October 4, 2015

For the taking....

There for the taking.
You offer it up to me and I am consuming it.  
You've taken my a leap into frigid water.  
You're touch is with me, somewhere beyond my skin, below my heart, deeper yet, you found me. 
You stripped me of my layers, you came for me, broke in, yet now I'm strengthened and whole.
I am vulnerable and weak to you, but not afraid. I'm stronger than I was.
Raw and unbridled desire fills me. Boundless joy calms me.
You offer it up to me and I am consuming it.
You're there for the taking.


There are gifts associated with a life full of challenges.  One of those gifts is the ability to ebb and flow with the curves and sharp turns life may throw at you.  I've had my share of challenges and I'd like to think I'm very adaptable, but I'm realizing that in some areas of my life, I'm afraid.
But I am be more pliable...more courageous. What will you do if an unexpected circumstance arises?  Are you prepared? I'm not talking about planning for retirement.  I'm talking about illness, death, job loss, but also, and much better, the inner voice within yourself that calls you to become your truest self. Do you seek a better life?  Are you willing to walk toward the changes required to achieve it? 

Lingering and lumbering along in complacency while hearing an inner voice begging me to walk in a new direction is creating inner conflict.  And the body will seek to find balance and calm itself.  I attended a seminar recently where this concept was discussed...homeostasis.


:  a relatively stable state of equilibrium or a tendency toward such a state between the different but interdependent elements or groups of elements of an organism, population, or group
When I was in Anatomy and Physiology just three years ago, this was a term used to describe the balance the body is constantly trying to achieve by adjusting hormone levels, blood sugar, electrolytes, etc for survival. Our bodies want to in order to keep the cells functioning, biology does what's necessary to keep our cells happy.   So whether it's physiological or emotional, the body will seek to find the quickest way to this state.  

In life, while encountering conflicting ideas, we are most likely to take the path of least resistance back to our comfortable place...and usually that is not where we want to be.  How many times have we admired those brave mavericks that took the first step into something new and then we watch with awe as they discover a happier self?

Be a maverick of your own life.  Don't linger over decision for too long. Walk toward what you fear and it will get smaller as you approach.  Once you get there, guess can change your mind. There may be a cost or a loss to try something and then think better of that decision but sitting still has costs too.

Be brave and courageous and daring!