January 7, 2013


Good Morning!
And what good would it be without my morning medication?
Some folks may get their daily meds at the pharmacy...I conjure my concoction right in my own kitchen.
I'm not ashamed to say that I require at least 6 ounces of caffeine containing joy each and every day.
As my sweet Auntie Margarite would say, "I can't be good ALL the time". That is her response to the notion that we will be 'better' people if we quit our habits. This little prescription isn't a habit, it's a necessity.
I grind my favorite beans in my 1930's KitchenAid Hobart grinder, releasing an amazing aroma that even anti coffee folks love, and then brew up a hot pot of black gold in my $10 five cup coffee maker.
That's how Mr. Cady and I begin our day. We barely drink the 5 cups, so how bad can it be?
Let me tell ya, it's gonna be way bad for our loved ones if we DON'T drink it.
Today I'm celebrating!
Two out of the three kids (out of the five) that have been home for break are back in school! I love having them home for sure, but I also love my quiet time in the morning. Which had been hijacked by my ten year old who somehow has the uncanny sleep clock that awakes bright and early on weekends and breaks, but runs defective on school days...more research needed.
And what's this about college break lasting over five weeks? My grocery bill has doubled and since college son's job is back at campus....HELLO!!! He's bored to tears, eating us out of house and home and it's freezing outside!
Anyone have some dogs that need exercise? Let's get this kid back in the sky!

Well, back to my drug problem...I'm not apologizing.
Just look at the joy in my cup! How can anyone's day be anything but great if there's a tiny happy cup of love to begin it with?
What's your cup full of?
Have a 'cup full of joy' kind of day ❤

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

happy new year!

Tigger..."What's wrong with this picture?" Sasha..."Nothing"
don't cute kitties were harmed while making this blog.
this sweet kitty is Tigger.  he is our indoor/outdoor sugar booger, smoochie love, hugger bugger, love muffin kitty cat cuteness!  
there on the rug lies Sasha Marie, our snuggle buggle, furry burry, pupperific, pooches with the mooches doggie dulu lover pup.

by the way...tigger made his way into the warm house.