October 4, 2015

For the taking....

There for the taking.
You offer it up to me and I am consuming it.  
You've taken my a leap into frigid water.  
You're touch is with me, somewhere beyond my skin, below my heart, deeper yet, you found me. 
You stripped me of my layers, you came for me, broke in, yet now I'm strengthened and whole.
I am vulnerable and weak to you, but not afraid. I'm stronger than I was.
Raw and unbridled desire fills me. Boundless joy calms me.
You offer it up to me and I am consuming it.
You're there for the taking.


There are gifts associated with a life full of challenges.  One of those gifts is the ability to ebb and flow with the curves and sharp turns life may throw at you.  I've had my share of challenges and I'd like to think I'm very adaptable, but I'm realizing that in some areas of my life, I'm afraid.
But I am be more pliable...more courageous. What will you do if an unexpected circumstance arises?  Are you prepared? I'm not talking about planning for retirement.  I'm talking about illness, death, job loss, but also, and much better, the inner voice within yourself that calls you to become your truest self. Do you seek a better life?  Are you willing to walk toward the changes required to achieve it? 

Lingering and lumbering along in complacency while hearing an inner voice begging me to walk in a new direction is creating inner conflict.  And the body will seek to find balance and calm itself.  I attended a seminar recently where this concept was discussed...homeostasis.


:  a relatively stable state of equilibrium or a tendency toward such a state between the different but interdependent elements or groups of elements of an organism, population, or group
When I was in Anatomy and Physiology just three years ago, this was a term used to describe the balance the body is constantly trying to achieve by adjusting hormone levels, blood sugar, electrolytes, etc for survival. Our bodies want to in order to keep the cells functioning, biology does what's necessary to keep our cells happy.   So whether it's physiological or emotional, the body will seek to find the quickest way to this state.  

In life, while encountering conflicting ideas, we are most likely to take the path of least resistance back to our comfortable place...and usually that is not where we want to be.  How many times have we admired those brave mavericks that took the first step into something new and then we watch with awe as they discover a happier self?

Be a maverick of your own life.  Don't linger over decision for too long. Walk toward what you fear and it will get smaller as you approach.  Once you get there, guess can change your mind. There may be a cost or a loss to try something and then think better of that decision but sitting still has costs too.

Be brave and courageous and daring!

June 18, 2015

Walking with me...

The fog called to me this morning.

Just me, my inspiration, and my camera.

Have a nice day.

March 12, 2015

A note from the Selfie Queen

Shameless Selfie Queen

Hello from the Selfie Queen.

Recently I was admonished and questioned for posting a 'selfie'.
I was asked 'Are you having a midlife crisis? What happened to used to care about others, and God...and, and....'
Well, there's nothing wrong.
I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

What should I post?  A photo of myself at my worst?  Is that more humble?  Does that make others feel better?  Whatever the reason, I have no regrets.  It was a good hair day, So what?
Damn her! Right?

Midlife. Yes. Crisis. No.

It's quite the opposite.
But it often is perceived as a crisis to those afraid of their own truth and happiness.
Misery loves company...

When we're perusing social media...we all do it, admit it...and we stumble upon yet another selfie...what are you thinking?  I personally encountered my face. It seems some folks are uncomfortable with the confidence of others.  They want to quickly knock them right off that high horse and bring them back to that quiet, shameful, hidden human.  But I feel it's actually an act of vulnerability to put oneself out into the stratosphere.  We take that risk when we ask for prayer, when we announce a new business endeavor hoping to grow it through our connections, when we need help, and yes even when we post a selfie thinking..."I like how I look and feel today".  It's risky to be open to rejection, judgement and criticism.

So let's not shame someone for taking a little step toward loving who they are or are trying to be.
Shame fuels self loathing and begins to deconstruct a perfectly good human.
Why is it so easy to let negative words flow freely from our lips about others, and even about ourselves? Breathe goodness into your friendships. Affirm to your children, your loved ones and to strangers, that they are worthy of love, kindness, and greatness.
At the very least, stop the ugly words from ever forming on your lips or in your mind, and begin to replace them with something that propagates love....of self and others.

So, forget shame and celebrate you and your awesome self!
BE BRAZEN! (my most favorite word!!)
Get in the mirror and smile and then take a damn snapshot of your happy self! Keep reminding yourself that you're worthy and share yourself and all your gifts!
Get up on that tall horse and you'll's not about being 'self-ie ish' or greedy or better than others!
It's all about finding inner strength and fortitude so you can put something amazing back into the universe.

So, my friends...stop cropping and filtering yourself out of the big picture...partake in your own awesome loveliness and embrace your beautiful self-ie..


Morning expeditions....

Daylight savings...the sun comes up a little later...perfect for my morning photo expeditions

After the boys shuffle out the door to school and work, with pj's and tousled hair, I slide on my green rain boots, throw the camera around my neck, round up the dogs, and we head out the door to the 75 acres of wild bliss behind my own little 2 acres.  There's no time to waste, or we'll miss the sun about to rise over the horizon.  
This is my morning meditation...walking around that field for an hour or the quiet...nothing but the birds, dogs, cats, and the click of the shutter.

Until the sun peeks over, I never know what I might see.  
Morning dew sitting idle atop a single blade of grass, sun streaming through a layer of fog, or perennials pushing toward the light after the cold winter...always a surprise.

A friend recently told me that I see beauty in things that others don't...that's quite a compliment and still has me smiling... but still, I often wonder if anyone else sees the same beauty my eyes see.  
Photos of random weeds, fence posts, cats and dogs flouncing about...these may be of no interest to anyone else but myself...c'est la vie....  

Here are some photos from this March morning out here on my rustic and whimsy mini farmstead. 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Sun flare 

This overgrown seedy grass looks like sparkles and glitter in the early light.  

The other acre of my mini farm

The East


Little webs are woven here

Barbed and beautiful

Streaming sun

The view

Someone thinks they can't be found...

March 11, 2015

Let go...

It's okay to pluck yourself away from order and expectation. 
There is still weight and substance to you ~ you will not float away.  
You will land and become stable. Your color will be just as vibrant. 
The landscape around will have changed and be unfamiliar but the structure of your being will not be altered. There's nothing to fear.
Be rid of tethers and bindings.  Let go.

March 8, 2015

You Gotta Try This! I can't hold this in any longer.
This recipe is the bomb diggity of bomb diggities!!
And really, you're gonna say, 'WHAT?' That's not even a recipe it's so easy.

So, do yo-self a favor flave and make this!!

Throw together 1 LB of your favorite burger ingredients...all beef, high fat, turkey, low get to choose.  Before making patties, sprinkle about 1 Tbsp of Greek Seasoning (no salt) into the meat.
GENTLY!  Mix the seasoning into the meat.  Unless you want tough hockey pucks, heed my instructions and mix gently.

Now make the patties...1 LB of meat should give you four patties. Gently form into patties with a slight indention in the center.  This keeps the burger from swelling in the center and turning into a ball. Spread the patty out to about 4-5 inches in diameter.
Sprinkle each side lightly with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.
Place the patties on wax paper, in a pan or on a baking sheet, cover, and let set out for an hour.
When cooking meat, it should be at room temperature.  If the meat is cold when it hits the heat of the grill, it becomes tough.

Next, let's make  My Amazing Cheddar Poblano Pimiento Cheese...

What's Pimiento Cheese?
Remember that yellow spread with the tiny red bits of somethings we had at funerals spread on celery? What was that? Well, a pimiento is a pepper.  And this spread is made with roasted red bell pepper.  So, no other pepper will do, it just won't.  You can buy these in a jar near pickles.  Roasted Red Bell Peppers...just get some.

Here ya go...

February 25, 2015

Heavy or Light

What kind of day are you having?
Do you ever feel 'heavy'? Or perhaps your heart is light today?

There is much in the world today to be heavy about.  I ask myself if I want to look at these things. The answer is no.  I don't.  Don't get me wrong, I will engage in deep conversation and thoughtful commentary regarding issues, but it still seems I am able to avoid the raw and ugly truths that still lie out there.

Crime, homelessness, abortion, poverty, terrorism, suicide, human trafficking, war....yuck.

As I contemplate these dark and heavy topics, my soul begins to hurt and ache and I feel helpless.
What can I do?  Will the energy I give these thoughts help in any way? Will my tears somehow comfort a human being in need of solace?

If I remind you of these unfortunate happenings...those we all know exist...will you give it your thought?
Or, will you avoid it so as to not bring a cloud over your day?

I guess I would like to think, that if we all, collectively, give these suffering humans a bit of our time, a prayer, a tiny moment of our intention,  there will be a grace that falls upon them.

It's my Lenten sacrifice, to suffer for a moment in thought  each day, embracing the suffering of another, in sincere hope that a lightness will come over these innocents and fill them with peace.