February 25, 2015

Heavy or Light

What kind of day are you having?
Do you ever feel 'heavy'? Or perhaps your heart is light today?

There is much in the world today to be heavy about.  I ask myself if I want to look at these things. The answer is no.  I don't.  Don't get me wrong, I will engage in deep conversation and thoughtful commentary regarding issues, but it still seems I am able to avoid the raw and ugly truths that still lie out there.

Crime, homelessness, abortion, poverty, terrorism, suicide, human trafficking, war....yuck.

As I contemplate these dark and heavy topics, my soul begins to hurt and ache and I feel helpless.
What can I do?  Will the energy I give these thoughts help in any way? Will my tears somehow comfort a human being in need of solace?

If I remind you of these unfortunate happenings...those we all know exist...will you give it your thought?
Or, will you avoid it so as to not bring a cloud over your day?

I guess I would like to think, that if we all, collectively, give these suffering humans a bit of our time, a prayer, a tiny moment of our intention,  there will be a grace that falls upon them.

It's my Lenten sacrifice, to suffer for a moment in thought  each day, embracing the suffering of another, in sincere hope that a lightness will come over these innocents and fill them with peace.

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