March 8, 2015

You Gotta Try This! I can't hold this in any longer.
This recipe is the bomb diggity of bomb diggities!!
And really, you're gonna say, 'WHAT?' That's not even a recipe it's so easy.

So, do yo-self a favor flave and make this!!

Throw together 1 LB of your favorite burger ingredients...all beef, high fat, turkey, low get to choose.  Before making patties, sprinkle about 1 Tbsp of Greek Seasoning (no salt) into the meat.
GENTLY!  Mix the seasoning into the meat.  Unless you want tough hockey pucks, heed my instructions and mix gently.

Now make the patties...1 LB of meat should give you four patties. Gently form into patties with a slight indention in the center.  This keeps the burger from swelling in the center and turning into a ball. Spread the patty out to about 4-5 inches in diameter.
Sprinkle each side lightly with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.
Place the patties on wax paper, in a pan or on a baking sheet, cover, and let set out for an hour.
When cooking meat, it should be at room temperature.  If the meat is cold when it hits the heat of the grill, it becomes tough.

Next, let's make  My Amazing Cheddar Poblano Pimiento Cheese...

What's Pimiento Cheese?
Remember that yellow spread with the tiny red bits of somethings we had at funerals spread on celery? What was that? Well, a pimiento is a pepper.  And this spread is made with roasted red bell pepper.  So, no other pepper will do, it just won't.  You can buy these in a jar near pickles.  Roasted Red Bell Peppers...just get some.

Here ya go...

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