March 12, 2015

A note from the Selfie Queen

Shameless Selfie Queen

Hello from the Selfie Queen.

Recently I was admonished and questioned for posting a 'selfie'.
I was asked 'Are you having a midlife crisis? What happened to used to care about others, and God...and, and....'
Well, there's nothing wrong.
I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

What should I post?  A photo of myself at my worst?  Is that more humble?  Does that make others feel better?  Whatever the reason, I have no regrets.  It was a good hair day, So what?
Damn her! Right?

Midlife. Yes. Crisis. No.

It's quite the opposite.
But it often is perceived as a crisis to those afraid of their own truth and happiness.
Misery loves company...

When we're perusing social media...we all do it, admit it...and we stumble upon yet another selfie...what are you thinking?  I personally encountered my face. It seems some folks are uncomfortable with the confidence of others.  They want to quickly knock them right off that high horse and bring them back to that quiet, shameful, hidden human.  But I feel it's actually an act of vulnerability to put oneself out into the stratosphere.  We take that risk when we ask for prayer, when we announce a new business endeavor hoping to grow it through our connections, when we need help, and yes even when we post a selfie thinking..."I like how I look and feel today".  It's risky to be open to rejection, judgement and criticism.

So let's not shame someone for taking a little step toward loving who they are or are trying to be.
Shame fuels self loathing and begins to deconstruct a perfectly good human.
Why is it so easy to let negative words flow freely from our lips about others, and even about ourselves? Breathe goodness into your friendships. Affirm to your children, your loved ones and to strangers, that they are worthy of love, kindness, and greatness.
At the very least, stop the ugly words from ever forming on your lips or in your mind, and begin to replace them with something that propagates love....of self and others.

So, forget shame and celebrate you and your awesome self!
BE BRAZEN! (my most favorite word!!)
Get in the mirror and smile and then take a damn snapshot of your happy self! Keep reminding yourself that you're worthy and share yourself and all your gifts!
Get up on that tall horse and you'll's not about being 'self-ie ish' or greedy or better than others!
It's all about finding inner strength and fortitude so you can put something amazing back into the universe.

So, my friends...stop cropping and filtering yourself out of the big picture...partake in your own awesome loveliness and embrace your beautiful self-ie..


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