March 12, 2015

Morning expeditions....

Daylight savings...the sun comes up a little later...perfect for my morning photo expeditions

After the boys shuffle out the door to school and work, with pj's and tousled hair, I slide on my green rain boots, throw the camera around my neck, round up the dogs, and we head out the door to the 75 acres of wild bliss behind my own little 2 acres.  There's no time to waste, or we'll miss the sun about to rise over the horizon.  
This is my morning meditation...walking around that field for an hour or the quiet...nothing but the birds, dogs, cats, and the click of the shutter.

Until the sun peeks over, I never know what I might see.  
Morning dew sitting idle atop a single blade of grass, sun streaming through a layer of fog, or perennials pushing toward the light after the cold winter...always a surprise.

A friend recently told me that I see beauty in things that others don't...that's quite a compliment and still has me smiling... but still, I often wonder if anyone else sees the same beauty my eyes see.  
Photos of random weeds, fence posts, cats and dogs flouncing about...these may be of no interest to anyone else but myself...c'est la vie....  

Here are some photos from this March morning out here on my rustic and whimsy mini farmstead. 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Sun flare 

This overgrown seedy grass looks like sparkles and glitter in the early light.  

The other acre of my mini farm

The East


Little webs are woven here

Barbed and beautiful

Streaming sun

The view

Someone thinks they can't be found...


  1. Christie, your words and photos capture the morning beauty so wonderful.