January 9, 2011

Apple Spice Cake with Caramel Hurl Icing...

Yikes! My 8 year old said, "Mom, you should call that Hurl Cake"....OUCH!
The caramel was going everywhere, so I had to put it outside! 

Not much better.

Hey, now this is a view I can live with!
 Well, Ms Rebecca Rather, I did not do you justice.  I know what happened, but after two trips to the store for yet more butter and mascarpone cheese, it was over.  I have resolved that for some reason, I can't interpret the instructions for this recipe.  'Mix the butter, vanilla, cream, and sugar until fluffy, then add the mascarpone, but don't beat too much or it will separate.' Well indeed, I did follow these well written instructions, and indeed it did separate.  So, either my kitchen is too warm, my butter too warm, I didn't whip until fluffy enough, or in fact I went too long with the mascarpone.  So, now my plan is to invest in mascarpone and butter, and make it until it turns out right.  I can honestly say this is my biggest, unsalvagable flop ever.  I have made many flops, but this one takes the cake....aaahhhhaahahahahahahaha.  Can you hear me laughing? I would love some feedback on this post, if anyone is reading this at all....
By the way, despite it's rather unappetizing appearance, the cake and icing are rich and delicious.  If you love baking, check out and  See you tomorrow.


  1. I would definitely still eat this.

    -Chrissypoo Auten

  2. Muhahahaha . . . good pun. "Takes the cake!" LOL

    While it's always difficult to make mistakes. The most important thing is what we learn from them.

    Cheers, dear friend!