January 19, 2011

Food Crusade

I have it in my mind to change school lunch forever at my child's school.  I have done the research, and what surprised me, is when checking out the school lunch info for Kansas, there I found a full PDF recipe book for scratch made food, yet none of the schools are using any of it.  It isn't gourmet, but it sure as heck isn't a *&%$# Crispitos!  Well, guess what, the Food Crusade has begun!  My child attends a small private school, so my mountain is not quite as steep as the behemoth of the local public school.  But I am determined to get my way.  My crusade is for the greater good.  It's just not that hard to cook real food each day for hungry kids.  How did this ever become optional? I am not the only one fed up with poor food choices at schools. Check out these websites... and !  And when you check out Jamie Oliver's site, wave your mouse over your state and you might be very surprised to see how many people have voted for change!  Make sure you cast your votes! Spend some time on that site, it's so worth it.   I am so impressed by his commitment to this issue.  He isn't from the US, yet he is here trying to fix probably the one thing that is a central part of our nations health breakdown.  FOOD!  SUSTENANCE! The most basic need of all humans. And the single largest element in our childen's daily life, school, is feeding them something not suitable for animals.  Can you hear me yelling?  Okay, I'm simmering down a bit.
Well, tomorrow I will be meeting with our school Lunch Lady, with high hopes that we will develop a new and beautiful relationship, changing the meals at my son't school from something that tastes and looks like cardboard to something flavorful, colorful, healthy, and made with love. It certainly is not my intention to hurt anyone's feelings, but we are all grown-ups here and I am real tired of grown-ups making excuses for doing less than their best for our children. And I don't feel bad calling the food cardboard, because no one there is cooking anything.  How can a box be insulted?
So, friends say a prayer for me.  I will let you know how it goes tomorrow! In the meantime, while your perusing over the links I mentioned, you will find that they will connect you to lots and lots of success stories.  No more excuses, it's not a question of "if it's possible", but a question of "when do we start?"

Right now!

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