August 10, 2014

The Yellow Table Recipes and Good Friends

I started following The Yellow Table after hearing about it from my friend, Megan Hartford, a local photographer and blogger. The Yellow Table is written by Anna Watson Carl and has captured the hearts of many all over! Anna invites us into her small New York City apartment for dinner parties with her friends around The Yellow Table. Each time I visit her blog, I instantly feel taken away and inspired to write, cook, and share the experience of good food with friends and family. Anna recently began a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to self publish her first cookbook.  You can read about her journey here. The cookbook did get fully funded which brings me to some terrific news!!! Anna asked several cooks to test recipes for the upcoming book and I'm happy to say I am one of them! YAY!!

I was given two complete menus, a summer menu and a winter menu.  It was a challenge to complete with a busy schedule getting kids ready for school and college and a weekend out of town, but I did it!
After reading over the recipes, I decided I wanted to find as many local ingredients as possible.
Naturally, my first stop was our local Farmers Market.  I picked up some beautiful grape tomatoes from
A & H Farms, heirloom Purple Cherokee Tomatoes from Derek Haug, and lucky for me, I found kale, garlic, and cherry tomatoes from Weiche Farms.  The most difficult to find was skirt steak. Finally, I found it from a local rancher - (even better) -The Picolet Family's farm, Oatie Beef. Some of the produce was donated to me for this project! Thank you Andrea and Derek!

SHOPPING SUCCESS!!! I put together my list and it was go time!

I prepared the Summer Menu first and invited some good friends over to share it with us.  The evening was perfect for a dinner outside.  The weather in Kansas can be miserable in July but this year it has been unusually cool and rather beautiful.
Outdoor patio lights across our deck made it especially inviting on a summer evening. We all enjoyed the delicious food with some wine and good conversation.
Thank you Sean and Eileen for spending the evening with us!

Just two short days later, I prepared the Winter Menu and invited my wonderful and lovely writer friend, Allie, to partake in our next food adventure.  She is a trooper!  She was called to duty when it became clear extra hands were needed to get the timing just right! Bacon and chocolate were involved!
The weather had returned to typical, muggy, and lots of biting creatures hanging around so we moved inside to the big table. Allie arrived bearing gifts...a bottle of some very (insert sarcasm) expensive red wine that we drank down like Kool-Aid as we enjoyed our desserts.

It was a wonderful and challenging experience.  As a cook, I have a difficult time following recipes.  It was important to follow procedure and take notes, no straying off the path for this girl.  The recipes took me on a new journey discovering some flavors I had never tried, but I was open to try some new things...Detox Kale Salad? Yep! And sooo good!!
Sharing these meals with friends was by far the highlight.  Cooking for and with friends is really a gift to my soul.  My recommendation...don't let too much time pass between meals with friends! Gathering around a table sharing food and conversation is never a bad idea and should happen often.
My door is open...invite yourself in!



  1. I picked up some exquisite HoneyBadger Red that is sure to please. Can't wait for publication of the cookbook so I can test drive the Winter Salad...and chocolate dream!

    1. We definitely need to do wine and chocolate again soon!

  2. Fabulous menu, planning, shopping details & execution. I love you cooking & entertaining style!

    1. Thanks Kathy! I hope to publish my own cookbook someday!

  3. Wow Christie! Thanks so much - everything looks amazing, and I loved your post about your experience! xo