August 29, 2014

Summer Time Comfort Food

It's been one of those days...
So, after a rough day, what do I do? I resort to what I know

It seems there is something that always calls me back to the warmth and comfort of my humble kitchen.
Today, before I set out, I had gone to my garden to pick these beautiful tomatoes.
I have four varieties - Early Girl, Beefsteak, Cherokee Purple and Sweet Red Cherry.
The cherry tomatoes have done really well, but the others have been slow to ripen, split on the tops and produced less fruit than usual.  But nonetheless, I just cut away the bad and use what I can.  They're still just as delicious as ever.
For me, on a bad day, this simple recipe I created is the ultimate comfort food.  It can be made any time of year but summer time is best when fresh homegrown tomatoes, garlic and herbs are in season and readily available. This is my Summer Angel Hair Pasta with Roasted Garlic and Heirloom Tomatoes.

The yummy smell of roasting garlic and basil wafts through the entire house, bringing the kids around asking...'did you make pasta?' My kids actually request this dish a lot.  They just refer to it as Angel Hair. I love making it. There are some recipes that have a therapeutic effect while in the making.  This favorite recipe is effortless, healthy, and the aroma permeates my entire home.  Once everything is cooked, I usually steal a clove or two of garlic that has softened in the oven and has soaked up the olive oil and spread it on a piece of sliced baguette. The other joy of making this dish comes from the gift of my garden.  Walking out my back door to pick the ripe tomatoes and snipping off some fresh basil and oregano makes my heart swell with gratitude.
So, for a day that started off not so great...I'll say it turned out just fine.
I served up some love with a side of grateful and I'm back on my way.

Want the recipe? Visit my Recipes Page!

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