September 8, 2014

Mac-a-Hohns...? Yes, Please!

This weekend I told my self I was going to make macarons.
Not coconut macaroons....Delicate, adorable, and perfect French Mac-a-hohns....just say it...with a little throaty gargly sound on the 'hohns'.
I had the house to myself, well me and the d.o.g.'s.
And what did I do with my aspiration...I squandered it.  I played with the pups, took some walks, spent some time doing nothing, watched a movie, did some daydreaming...
But I needed to meet this goal.  So, despite the fact that the kiddo would be returning Sunday evening, I wasn't detoured and got my act together finally and put it all together around 8pm.
Hey... at least it happened.
Anyway, I found several recipes and videos online and finally came to the conclusion that Martha usually doesn't mess around with 'just okay' and I used her recipe for simple macarons.
I'm pretty impressed with myself that I had some success with my first go around.  I was a little disappointed with the raspberry but I attribute the failure to the addition of raspberry extract and coloring which changed the consistency of the meringue. Adding extracts intensifies the flavor, making the color come to life. It takes a lot to pack flavor into a two bite cookie.
I created my own flavor using Pumpkin Pie Spice in the meringue and the buttercream. I like it a lot!
I'm not a sweets fan so I think I need to run around town and drop them off to some unsuspecting folks and get some feedback...
I think that any experienced cook can make these.  Today I'm going to give it another go. Here's the flavors I'm making ... vanilla bean, pistachio, mocha, and blueberry.
I wonder who will be my target for the pastry bombing today?
Comment on my Facebook Page if you would like a macaron!  (But you have to pronounce it correctly when I get there) And no's free, sweet, and I'm just learning! XO♥

But Mom, we want macarons too???!!!


  1. Christie, they look just like the ones I saw ALL OVER Paris only two short weeks ago... I'm impressed! And love your blog! (I just discovered it)

    1. Thank you Laura! This was my first attempt after watching several Youtube tutorials...the size is the hard part...getting them consistent. I used a spoon for these rather than a piping bag! I'm excited that you found the blog! Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook!! ♥